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Planning Application

The process for a typical Planning Application would run as follows:

• meet, preferably on site with the client to discuss proposals

• carry out dimensional survey of property

• produce existing plans and elevations of property

• produce proposed plans and elevations of property for discussion

• finalize proposed plans and elevations of property in preparation for Planning Application

• electronic submission of Planning Application to the relevant local authority

• field all queries in relation to the Planning Application through to the decision date


Building Regulations Application

The process for a typical Building Regulations Application would run as follows:

• proposed plans and elevations used for Planning Application are upgraded to include specifications of construction

• sections and details showing construction methods and materials are produced

• Structural Engineers details and calculations may also be required for certain types of foundations and steel beams *

• electronic submission of Building Regulations Application to the relevant Local Authority or Approved Inspector

• field all queries and amend details as necessary in relation to the Building Regulations Application through to approval


3d Visualization **

In order to showcase or assist you in visualizing your proposals I can produce fully rendered 3 dimensional images, these come in 3 flavors as follows:

• static images – similar to a photograph of the proposal, you choose the viewing point and direction of vision

• Panorama – this offers you the opportunity to have a look around a room from a fixed point within the room, again you can choose the viewing point, multiple panoramas can be produce and linked so that you can jump from one position in the room to another or to a completely different room (Panoramas are ideal for showcasing internal layouts)

• fly through – a movie of your proposals internally or externally which will allow you to just sit back and view


* There will be an additional fee for Structural Engineers details and calculations, I do have contacts for this field of work or you can use your choice of Structural Engineer

** 3d Visualization is an additional extra, which would not normally be included as part of the Planning Application and Building Regulation Application package except in exceptional circumstances


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